Result for ADM officer post

Farm Machinery Corporation Limited management would like to thank all the participates who have attended the interview for various post announced on 2nd August 2016.
We would like to congratulate all those who are selected for the post applied. The management of Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd.  would like to inform you  to attend pre-briefing on 13th September 2016 at 9:00 AM at FMCL Paro office.
Those failing to attend the pre-briefing, the post/job will be allocated to those marked as "Stand by" in the result sheet detailed below:

Result for the post of Administrative Officer
Sl Name of the Applicants CID No: Total Score (100%) Remarks
1 Nidup Dorji 10603001582            50.20  
2 Dechen Tshomo 10905001111            41.20  
3 Pema Dorji 11804001008            65.20  Selected 
4 Tshering Thinley 11505002019  Absent   
5 Kelzang Choden 12007001771            45.85  
6 Sangay  11608003703            47.94  
7 Kinley Tshering 10808001181            53.93  
8 Kinley Tshering 11410001116  Absent   
9 Thinley Dukpa 10205001995            49.22  
10 Renuka Limbu  10211003665            45.00  



update: 10-Sep-2016