Result for accountant post

Farm Machinery Corporation Limited management would like to thank all the participates who have attended the interview for various post announced on 2nd August 2016.
We would like to congratulate all those who are selected for the post applied. The management of Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd.  would like to inform you  to attend pre-briefing on 13th September 2016 at 9:00 AM at FMCL Paro office.
Those failing to attend the pre-briefing, the post/job will be allocated to those marked as "Stand by" in the result sheet detailed below:

Result for the post of Accountant
Sl Name of the Applicants CID No: Total Score (100%) Remarks
1 Naina Kala Mongar 11801001402  Absent    
2 Ugyen Yangchen 10603000066          69.79  Stand by 
3 Pralad Rai 11302001759  Absent    
4 Jamyang Phuntsho 11602002175          71.27  Selected 
5 Dawa Dema 11410000867          63.21  
6 Dorji Wangmo 11701000170  Absent    
7 Muna Rai 21202000441          62.61  
8 Choki Pelden 12008001088          67.58  
9 Yeshi Choden 10906000215  Absent    
10 Yeshi Samdrup 11606001410          58.34  



update: 09-Sep-2016