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The Chief Executive Officer along with the team from Farm Machinery Corporation Limited(FMCL), Paro has visited three Regional Offices of Bajo, Samtenling and Khangma respectively with effect from 10th - 23rd October, 2016. The team also visited Norjinthang farm in Trashigang, Phuntshothang Agriculture Rehabilitation Project (PARP) in S/Jongkhar, Nichula farm in Lhamozingkha and Farm Machinery Service Centre in Phuntshothang and to Lhamozingkha under Dagana Dzongkhag.
The Regional tour was mainly spotlight on the compact signing between Regional Managers and Deputy General Manager, Farm Machinery Services in the presence of Chief Executive Officer. The Contact Signing with Contact Operators and signing Oath Allegiance by Regular Staffs and Contact operators were also conducted as a part of visit to the regional offices. Further, the visit was made to extent familiarization tour for newly joined staffs and to discuss issues and constraints at Regional level in taking forward of FMCL to a prolific Corporation.

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update: 01-Nov-2016