First Petroleum oil and Lubricants (PoL) Station for FMCL opens in Trongsa Dzongkhag

His Excellency, the Minister of Ministry of Finance inaugurated the first PoL station of FMCL in Drakten geog under Trongsa Dzongkhag on 18th November, 2017. The opening ceremony was attended by Dasho Dzongdag, Regional Director of Trade, relevant officials from the Dzongkhag and 50 participants from the nearby two geogs of Langthel and Drakten. The first ten PoL station will be established where our Farm Machinery Service Center (FMSC) are located including few priority geogs identified by our staffs working in the regional and Dzongkhag level. However, the intimation letter and support from Dzongkhag and local government will be sought as to furnish the relevant clearance and to complete other official formalities. 
The setting up of the POL Station is a joint venture between the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) and FMCL registered as a state own enterprise (SoE) under Ministry of Finance. This is in view of the MoEA has been interested to set up a POL stations in all 205 geog in line with the government instruction and while FMCL has planned to distribute minimum of 200 liters of fuel to each geog for our power tillers in efficient delivery of the hiring services and to maximize the utilization of power tiller by farmers. However, any excess will be sold to farmers as per the existing government’s standards and regulations. Accordingly, the FMCL was called for the discussion to take up the activity as we share the similar objectives. The FMCL will set up PoL stations only where there are no plans and existing Bhutan Oil Distributer (BoD) planned from the government and relevant organizations. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between MoEA and FMCL for immediate onset of setting up PoL station in 65 geogs in the month of June, 2017. 
Considering the risk of adulterating kerosene with other PoLs by the operators and staff handling, the FMCL shall not deal on the sale of kerosene in the initial set up of the facility. The sale of petrol will be however studied and shall start selling slowly base on the demand placed from the communities dwelling within our PoL offices. The Diesel and LPG shall be made available immediately after the establishment of PoLs in the FMSC and geogs identified. 
The PoL stations will be started with the sale of lubricants in barrel system unlike the full functioning BoDs set up in the country. The management shall also explore the possibility of combining the geogs in operating and providing the facility from single station for better and efficient delivery of the social services to the communities considering the proximity and other genuine issues. However, the distribution of LPG shall be done as mobile services for such stations. It will be further discussed with the farmers dwelling in the geogs.

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Updated on: 19th November, 2017