Paddy harvesting ends in Paro Dzongkhag

Unlike in the previous years, the harvesting of paddy in Paro Dzongkhag was well planned and organized from the management view, with the deployment authority given to local government. Several rounds of meeting was conducted prior to the deployment of machines with the local leaders of Paro Dzongkhag for better and smooth implementation of the program. While executing the activity, few issues arose as usual due to break down of machineries and misunderstandings between the stakeholders. The management would like to extend our unfathomable gratitude and sincere appreciation to Chairman, Dzongkhag Tshogdue in helping us to mitigate and resolve the issues at the site. Further, we are also grateful to His Excellency, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Forest for timely visit which morally boosted and encourage our officials working under immense pressure from people. The management also like to sincerely acknowledge the support rendered from Department of Agriculture, National Post Harvest Centre, National Seed Centre and all officials for timely support. 
With the harvesting activity, FMCL has served 799 household covering 488.75 acres which is a highest record since the implementation of hiring services from 2006. The management has deployed 9 combine harvester and 35 reapers in 8 geogs of Paro Dzongkhag. FMCL wishes to add few more machines in the coming season as the machine requirement from the beneficiaries this season has fulfilled the expectation of the most of farmers who didn’t avail services. 
From tomorrow, the team along with 6 combine harvester will move to Sarpang Dzongkhag to cater hiring services. The Regional Office, Samtenling will be fully engage in the execution of the program. The management would like to kindly request the relevant stakeholders to kindly support our team as always. We would like to extend our best wishes and good luck to the team. 
Lastly but not least, we would like applaud all the operators for the tremendous effort from dawn to dusk in completing the hiring services successfully.


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Updated on: 9th November, 2017