Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd.Khangma

Location        :- Khangma, Kanglung, Trashigang (27 Km from Trashigang Town and 175 Km from Samdrupjongkhar Town)
Area:              -  Temporary Attached with Regional Agriculture Machinery Centre Guest House, Khangma. Coverage: Six Eastern Dzongkhag (Lhuntse, Mongar, Trashiyangtse, Trashigang, Pemagytshel and Samdrupjongkhar).
Coverage :- Lhuntse,Mongar,Trashiyangtse,Trashigang,Pemagatsel & S/jongkhar.
Geog Service Centres :-  Menbi tangmachu in Lhuntse, Kilikhar in Mongar, and Phuntshothang in Samdrupjongkhar.

Contract & Commercial Farms: Phuntshothang Farms at Bangtar, S/jongkhar with 200 Acres and Norjinthang Contract Farm at Trashigang with 75 Acres.


i) Hiring Services RFMCL, Khangma Provides a hiring service for six eastern region mainly on Tractor, Power tiller, Mini tiller, Paddy Reaper, Power Threshers, Mini Combines and Water Pumps. The implementer of Gewog power tiller hiring services are also catered by Centre with close collaborations with Dzongkhag Agriculture Officer/Gewog Administration / Gewog Extension Officer/Gewog power tiller Operator providing them with special guidelines to carry out the above activities smoothly.

ii) Sales/Distribution of all types of Farm Machineries and its spare parts.

a) Sales of Farm Machineries

b) Sales of Spare Parts, Tools & Implements.

c) Transportation of new machineries up to the road point.

iii) Repair and Maintenance The Centre provide repair and maintenance services with the standard repairing charges both at Centre and Site.

iv) Installation and Testing Installation and Testing of supplied Machineries are done by Centre at free of cost on the demand of Client at and when required.

v) Promotional The Centre create awareness on various Farm Machineries and sensitize the farmers on availability of Farm and Post-harvest Machineries. The Centre also organize and conduct demonstration for new Farm Machineries to the Farmers before the distribution/selling. Farm Machinery Service Centre (FMSC) RFMCL, Khangma, also have two Farm Machinery Service Centre namely

a) FMSC Tangmochu FMSC is located at Tangmochu / Menbi Gewog under Lhuntse Dzongkhag which is 14.5km away from Main Road Point to FMSC.

b) FMSC Phuntshothang FMSC Phunshothang is located at Phuntshothang Gewog under Samdrupcholing Dungkhag /Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag which is 48 KM away from Deathang Main Road Point. The above Centre provide the same services to the Farmer of nearby Dzongkhag as Regional Office.


Under RFMCL, Khangma there are two types farm, namely:

a) Commercial Farming at Phuntshothang Location:

Phuntshothang, Samdrupjongkhar (3km away from Phuntshothang town and three hours’ drive from Samdrupjongkhar Town) Area: 662 acres (134 acres in Mindrupling Chewog, 385 acres in Zomlegthang and 143 acres in Tshochung) Activities: Completed Activities:

a) Spring Paddy 94 Acres

b) Maize 24 Acres

c) Pigeon Pea 17.66 Acres

d) Normal Paddy 55 Acres Ongoing


a) Maize 50 Acres

b) Chili 25 Acres

c) Black Dal 15 Acres

d) Special Crops( As an Trial)

e) Land Developments.

f) ESP Quarter

b) Norjinthang Contract Farming

Location: Norjinthang, Samkhar, Trashigang (at the hill top of Drangmechhu River) Area: 74 Acres

. Activities:

i) Dairy Farm As of now Dairy Farm has been running with thirteen adult cow (10 milking and 3 dry), six calf (3 Female and 3 Male) and one Heifer. Average milk production per cow is 5.2 little per day.

ii) Agricultural

Completed Activities:

a) Chili 5 Acres

b) Biogas Plant Installation 1 Nos.

c) Fodder Cultivation 4 Acres

d) Water Melon Plantation 70 Nos.

e) Ginger 1 Acres

f) Potato 5 Acres

g) Strew Mushroom 75 Nos.

h) Maize 7 Acres

i) Land Development 3 Nos.

Ongoing Activities:

a) Chili 5Acres

b) Biogas Plant Installation 1 Nos.

c) Vegetable 5 Acres

d) Potato

e) ESP Quarter

f) Bush Clearing 10 Acres

g) Rope Way Construction

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